Prague Trip 2016

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Baby Horse

Here is a newborn.  These are from last week.  Went for a drive-about looking for some newborns.  I was surprised we didn't see more.  Maybe more today.  Kinda rainy - maybe be good for some more.  Usually lots of colts and fillies this time of year.  Maybe they are just hiding.  These two were off a ways and came for a visit when we stopped to take photos.  They are on Range Rd 54 just off 1A, a little west of Cochrane...

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Comicon Calgary 2017 Sunday

I kinda wanted to get a few Batman together and have them whispering together and the caption would read, "I'm Batman."  Next time.  Not sure how excited some of them would be for this.  Sunday last at Comic Con Calgary was a blast.  I hung around outside for the most part - the weather was good - enough cloud cover to make the photos better.  I honestly don't know a lot of the characters and didn't get contact info for many of the people that I took photos of, so if you know any of them - please point them here - I would love to send them copies of their pics if they so wish.

I would love to spend hours with each one of these characters - taking their photos.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Calgary Comic Con

I walked around yesterday as 'The Man In Black'. With my six gun and all.  This was so much more fun - taking photos of the costumes - this is what I do... (Sorry about some of the grainy pics - I was shooting without a flash.)  And by the way...[I'm ... Batman]

Monday, April 17, 2017

Ranch Near Chase BC

Went up to photograph the horses near Chase, BC.  Walked about them in the field - they were all pretty friendly and interested.  The donkeys too.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Bicycle Rider in Utrecht, Holland

Messing with some of my pics from our trip to The Netherlands.  I need more knowledge of Photoshop but I loved what this filter did with the photo.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A Lynx Kills a Marten

We had this amazing day.  Thought we were in a National Geographic episode or something.  Went for a drive up to Canmore then down Spray Lakes Road and ended up turning into the parking lot across from Chester Lake Trail Head.  (On the right going south.)  As we were going into the parking lot we saw something on the road - it was a Lynx.  As the car approached it casually walk off into the woods on the right.  Then a young one ran across the road in front of us following the first.  We backed the car up and Yvonne got a bunch of photos of the big one going through the woods.  

We parked, walked about and then got back it the car to see if we could find them again.  Decided to go across the road into the parking lot there - see what we could see.  There were several other cars there - people loading up their cross country skis etc, getting ready to depart. I pointed 'there' to a couple of girls standing next to their car and - at the Lynx walking by near the edge of the parking lot. 

The girls had earlier seen a Marten(like a wolverine) trapped in the bathroom and took a branch to help it escape.  It got out but looked pretty weak(sorry, no pics of the Marten).  We watched it with several other people to see how it fared.  It was heading toward where the Lynx had disappeared and someone said wouldn't it be weird if the cat got it.  About 30 seconds later it came flying out of the woods and caught the Marten.  Killed it instantly.  That cat move incredibly quickly.  I'm glad he wasn't coming for me.  The reason I think it was a 'he' is that he didn't go find his 'kitten' to share - just devoured the varmint all on his own.