Prague Trip 2016

Friday, September 29, 2017

Haunt Manor - Campark Resort - Niagara Falls

Haunt Manor opens tonight at Campark Resorts.  I walked around and took a few photos(more to come in the next few days.)  Some of the props are more than a little intense - and this is in the daytime!  I'm pretty sure that I wasn't alone in the some of the buildings that I was checking out.  There were noises.  And certainly someone or something was watching me...

I was planning on walking about and taking a few photos later at dusk - I'm much less sure that I will do this now...

Haunt Manor runs
September Dates:  Sept. 29, 30

October Dates:  6, 7, 8, 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Hooking up with a childhood friend

Tom and I grew up together.  Our mums were pregnant at the same time.  We were born a few days apart.  They lived directly across the street.  We hadn't seen each other since about 1972 and hooked up about 7 years ago - seeing each other once a year up until a couple of years ago. He finally came out to visit with his girlfriend.  She was visiting and really wanted to see the mountains.  We hiked Grotto Canyon and I took them up to Spray Lakes where Tom went in for swim.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Rawson Lake Hike (Kananaskis) Alberta

Trailhead for this hike is about a kilometre from the entrance to the Upper Kananaskis Lake trail.  South end of the lake.  Park in that last parking lot.  You will cross one bridge - then you will come to a fork - take the left one up the mountain.  There is a sign pointing the way.  From there to Rawson Lake it says 2.7 km.  Once you get to the lake is about another kilometre to the other side. Spectacular views from there.  About half the trail from Upper Kananaskis to Rawson is steady climb and the top half is almost flat.  At least a very easy slope.

If you are energetic, at the back end of the lake you can climb up the trail to the peak.  I went about half way but didn't have enough water with me and was trying to tackle a rock face climb with I was not set up for.  There is a trail to the right of that (about half way up) that is a better bet.  Several people told me that the hike up to the top was about an hour.   I was at that half way point in about 20-25 minutes so that sounds about right.  Was very hot and dusty when I went - middle of the day.  Would be better on a cooler day or earlier or later in the day.

Here are a few pics from the day:

View arriving at Rawson Lake:

Yvonne walking the trail at the top:

Snow cooling off my hot feet after the climb:

This from half way up at the back of Rawson Lake:

Later in the day the water got very still: 

My evening cigar: 

Monday, July 24, 2017

Millarville (Alberta) Rodeo 2017

I managed to get out to Millarville to photograph the rodeo again this year.  Sunday this time.  Kinda bright.  Last time I photographed it, was rainy.  Made for great photos but had to be careful with the camera.

Some close ups:

Curios broncos: 

(The idea is to still the bull - you'll never get me near that!)

Who do you think is winning?

"Oh shit!"

This horse is in the wrong sport - should be jumping.

Barrel Racing: 

Some more close ups:

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Tea House at Lake Louise, Alberta

This is a wonderful hike.  The first time I hiked up to the Tea House was within the first year I arrived in Calgary.  It was work.  I had been living at sea level for most of my life and the elevation was a killer.  Yesterday's up from Lake Louise wasn't that difficult at all by comparison.  Depending on the time of year that you do this hike - bring layers.  It was much colder at the top.  It was actually kind of blizzardy for a bit.  We prefer the slightly cooler weather for hiking. When you are doing fairly steep climbs and working your body warms up.  When it is very warm or even sometimes moderately warm you can get to hot very quickly.  Always have plenty of water.  And always prepare for longer hikes in case there are problems.  I know this sounds a bit silly to some but we got caught in a blizzard and it was June 21st - it only lasted 2-30 minutes or so but could easily have lasted 3 hours.

Have fun and be safe.

Troll Falls Video, Kananaskis, Alberta

This from a couple of weeks ago.  Didn't upload last time properly.  There are several falls up behind the first set.  Come back along the stream a bit and find a spot to cross on the logs.  The path up the hill is just back on the right facing the falls.  You can go up on the side you came in on and try and cross at the top but if there is a lot of water(Spring) this will be pretty hard.  Once you are up to the top of the first set of falls just keep following the path on and up.  There are about 10 sets of falls in total. Quite beautiful. Especially, in the Spring when there is lots of water.

To get to the trailhead parking.  Go south on Highway 40 from Highway #1 to the turn off for Kananaskis Village.  Mt Allan Drive.  Cross the bridge and follow the road less that a kilometre you will see Centennial Drive on the left.  JUST past that on your right is an exit to a parking lot.  Go there. Park your car. Just past the parking lot on the left you will see a sign for the trail.  It forks a couple of times - just follow the one for Troll Falls.  Very easy walk. Once you get to the falls you then have to cross the river and climb some steeper stuff.  If you want.

It is beautiful there pretty much every season.  Enjoy