Zombie Mud Run – Campark Resort – Niagara Falls 2018

Zombie Mud Run – Campark Resort – Niagara Falls 2018

Campark Resorts - Zombie Mud Run - 2018

Try and outrun the zombies but ‘alive’ or ‘dead’ you finish.  

Mud, water and zombies and lots of obstacles.  My first time photographing and enjoying this event.  Watching, it looked like all were having a really great time.  The whole even is wonderfully entertaining.  

Zombies are spread about the run periodically to try and take your lives - each ribbon is a ‘life’.  And there were a few spots where you could bargain for some extra lives.  Also, I there was some anti zombie dust(pixie dust?) available to some that could be used to ward off the zombies at just the right moment.  

This is now a once a year event.  Pretty obvious to the passing locals with a hundred cars parked along Lundy’s Lane outside the park.  With almost 400 participants and numerous staff and volunteers it looks like fun was had by all.

Here are a few photos of some participants, some zombies and a few of the obstacles.  Wonderful expressions on the faces!

Click the first photo to get to the slide show:

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Niagara-On-The-Lake in the Spring

Niagara-On-The-Lake in the Spring

Niagara On The Lake Walkabout

Niagara-On-The-Lake is one of our favourite walkabouts.  It is so pretty.  Buildings, flowers and people.  I like watching people and the downtown of Niagara on the Lake area particularly, is picturesque.  After loading our bikes up and driving to the bottom of the escarpment, we drove along the Niagara Parkway to the first parking lot accessing the bike path and parked.  We took off and after a few adjustments to Yvonne's brakes it was smooth sailing to this quaint little village. An easy ride of just a few miles.  The summer heat had not hit yet and it was quite pleasant.  You can see one of the photos below showing the blossoms on the Cherry Trees which bode well for a future of cherries and cherry pie. We do love pie.  After wandering around for a bit taking photos we stopped in and had some breakfast at the Sunset Grill.  Always a wonderful breakfast there. I’m of two minds on eating breakfast out.  I do love it but I could have it at home for pennies on the dollar and with my home made mango chutney and my favourite hot sauce.  Well, I guess eating out is not always about that; more the ambience and just the fact that you don’t have to cook.  

There is a little place in Niagara-On-The-Lake that I love. It is called Custom House Cigars.  That was our next stop.  One of many weaknesses.  He had a couple of Rocky Patels that I wanted to try.  His prices are pretty reasonable.  I get to shop at the cigar store at Rama: Cada del Humidor.  They don’t have a website but if you get up that way and you like cigars, it is worth the detour.  Yvonne and I took some more photos then went to the park and grabbed a bench and I got to smoke.  I chose a smaller cigar to smoke as we did have to bike back to the car and I couldn’t be forever.   I saved the Rocky Patels for later.  

Next stop with the Irish Design store.  About 9 years ago I purchased by far my favourite sweater, a Donegal Roll Neck.  I got it at the Irish Design Store in Niagara On the Lake.  

When we were in Niagara about 9 years ago, I saw the sweater in the store and fell in love with it but failed to purchase.  My thoughts were along the line of, “I’ll easily get it online.  Not so much.  I checked online, trade shows and could not find it in any stores in Canada.  

We lived in Calgary for years and I honestly could wear this sweater with a windbreaker at minus 20C.  BUT, as I wore it pretty much ALL the time, Calgary does get kinda chilly, I was due for another.  Yvonne had patched the elbows on my original one and repaired a few loose threads over time.  I was excited moving here because I knew I could some cool colours in this particular line.  

Alas, they were sold out and awaiting a shipment.  Being a few weeks before the main tourist season, this was not unexpected.  Staff are great there though and I left my email.  (Addendum: some weeks later - late June, I receive an email but again alas, I’m working in Calgary at the Stampede.  So, when I get home(after sleeping for three days), Yvonne and take a drive(her bike is in the shop getting the brakes fixed) down to have a look see. I have a couple of colours in mind and after digging through a couple of piles of Donegal Rollnecks and asking the clerks to check the basement for my size, I walked out of the store with exactly what I wanted.  So happy.  I like quality and I do like what I like.  This is one absolutely wonderful sweater.  It is pure wool and apparently will keep you warm even when wet.  No, it is not itchy at all.

If you come for the tulips, come early.  The season is short and it is early.  There are lots of them and they are out of this world wonderful.  And bring a proper camera.  Smart phones are OK but really won't do the flowers here justice. I don't know who takes care of the gardens here but they really do a fantastic job!

All roads lead to Niagara Falls. Everyone comes here eventually.  If you come to see the Falls, make sure that you take the time to see Niagara-On-The-Lake.  

If you check here periodically, we will have more photos and stories of our adventures in the area.


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Nickel Beach, Port Colborne in Winter

Nickel Beach, Port Colborne in Winter

That's Not Sand!

Went to Port Colborne for lunch and then a walk along the beach.  Yes, we know, it is winter!  The ice just out on the lake had built up about 10 feet in places from the waves smashing, then freezing higher and higher.  I managed to find a spot to walk out onto the ice hills and Yvonne took a few pics of me out there.  Always an adventure..

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I love paintings but don't have the patience or the time to properly learn how to apply paints to my photos.  I may someday.  I've been playing around with some software to get some cool watercolour effects.  (One oil in there as well.)  They are not paintings but it is fun nonetheless.  And with some software I found to add mattes and frames, I can get an idea what these would look like up on a wall.

Below I've listed a couple of apps and the software I've been using.


The two apps for ‘painterly’ effects are ‘Brushstroke’ and ‘Waterlogged’ – get those at the App Store.  The framing software is ImageFramer

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Niagara Falls in Winter

Niagara Falls in Winter

When it gets cold enough in Niagara Falls, the Falls freeze.  Well, they don’t freeze entirely, it has to be pretty damn cold for that to happen. And it has.  But recently it was cold enough for lots of ice to happen.  It was over the Christmas break 2017.  It was very cold and I was amazed/shocked at how many people were out braving the cold.  Likely because the Christmas break is the only time when some can get away with the children.  School and all.  Anyway, it was really cold; so taking photos wasn’t easy on the hands but the resulting photos made it so worth while.

This was all hand held.  Next time I’ll get some kind of gloves that allow me to handle my camera and bring a tripod.  That way I can catch some evening pics with the coloured lights on the ice.

No-one is doing the ‘under the falls’ walk!:

martin glyn jones
Above the Falls: 
marty's road trip

Long exposure without a tripod:

yvonne matheson

These really show the ice and snow:

gwen van kleef

Gwen Van Kleef

Martin Glyn Jones
Evening Lights at Niagara Falls: 
martin glyn jones photos
Cars lined up at the Falls: 

martin glyn jones

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More catch up. This one from Niagara-On-The-Lake.  We arrived in Ontario it was still Summer.  And it stayed that way well into October.  The colours came but the warm weather stayed.  We played tourist to a large extent when we first arrived.  One of the more picturesque places in the area is Niagara-on-the-lake.  
Instead of the classic pics of the horse drawn carriages and the architecture of the old buildings, we did some close ups of the flowers.  Niagara is nothing if not known for its flowers.  Oh yeah, and the wine…:) 
Later I’ll post some from the Botanical Gardens.  They are quite amazing.  It was very late in the year when we went there but still managed to see some roses.  Here are some close ups of the plants around some of the buildings …
niagara on the lakeclose up plantsred leavescolourful leaves and flowerscolourful leavescolourful leaves
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Snowshoeing Niagara Botanical Gardens

Snowshoeing Niagara Botanical Gardens

Great bunch of snow from early this morning…wanted to get in a good hike/snowshoe while it was snowing and before the masses descended.  I figured most would wait until the snow at least stopped.  We went to Botanical Gardens because didn’t have to traverse any nasty roads – they are kinda scary today.  And we have an annual parking membership there.  Mostly overcast but the sun did try and sneak through early in the hike.  
Temperature was about perfect at about -3-4˚C.  This is great for winter hiking.  We have boots that are good for -20˚ to -40˚C and we wear a couple of layers on our legs. I wear long johns and Yvonne wears some snow pants.  As long as our feet aren’t cold we are good to go.

We were at the north end of the park and I saw movement but couldn’t nail it then a couple minutes later we saw a herd of about 30 white tail deer cross a small clearing in front of us.  They went in to the woods at the right and stood real still – I’m sure they thought that we couldn’t see them.  

Our obligatory hiking selfie:

martin glyn jones yvonne matheson
Some cones on the snow trees:
marty's road trip
martys road trip
Winter at the Botanical Gardens:
marty's road trip
martin glyn jones
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Northern Ontario Trip

Northern Ontario Trip

Playing catch up on Marty’s Road Trip.  Moved to Niagara Falls from Calgary in September.  Loaded a trailer and drove across the country.  It was a bit of nightmare and I’m not going into the details of that.  It is an unbelievably beautiful country that we live in.  Normal gorgeous skies in the midwest.  I had driven through Northern Ontario in the winter once a number of years ago.  It was pretty but I was alone and a lot of it was dark.  I know, silly, right!?  This time it was September – not Fall yet and we were forced to travel slowly and with the longer days we were able to experience more of the beauty. 

We stopped for gas at one point and felt like we were back in the ‘50s.  Two young men of High School age filled the tank washed the windows, washed the headlights, asked if we wanted fluids checked all while smiling and being all chatty with us and each other.  We tipped them $5.00.  Made us so happy. These boys obviously didn’t do drugs and we enthusiastically looking forward to life.

The ‘Living Sky’ in the Canadian Prairies…
martin glyn jones in the prairies
Sunset in Northern Ontario
martin jones; yvonne matheson
I love humour…
…and if you are not sure where you are going…
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Gareth’s Portrait Website in Los Angeles

Gareth’s Portrait Website in Los Angeles

Son Gareth has been making a bit of a name for himself taking portraits.  Headshots.  With a real eye for a look that really catches the essence of the man or woman that he is shooting.  His clients look as a rule, very comfortable and relaxed in the photos.  I’ll post a few here but check out his website:



Here’s the man himself:

portraits by gareth glyn jones

Some samples:

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