Prague Trip 2016

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Grassi Lakes Hike near Canmore Alberta

Went on TWO hikes today.  OK they were both pretty short but what a blast.  Here is the first one: Grassi Lakes just behind Canmore.  Busy. Which was fine. I wanted a hike with lots of people.  Fewer grizzly bears  that way. Plus I wanted people that run slower than me.  Anyway, it was crowded. There were at least a couple of dozen rock climbers - you can see in one or two of the pics below.  Weather is amazing right now - summer in April.  The first picture is above the lakes looking down toward Canmore. If you go up there, it is not a tough hike.  From the parking lot you will come to a fork in the trail with a sign that says 'Easy' to the right. Read 'Boring'.  To the left it says, "More difficult' - take that one please. There is only one section where there are some steep rock steps but other than that...

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