Month: April 2016

Waterfall near Spray Lakes, Kananaskis

This was our second short hike yesterday.  After our first one at Grassi Lakes we decided to drive up to Spray Lakes to look around.  Roads are dusty we need rain.  We went up and parked on the dam at the second lake, which is not really a lake any more.  Bit of a river.  No water. No snow.  Sitting there I looked west and saw a short trail up the hill on the opposite side of the road.  A little further up looked like there may be some run off and maybe a waterfall of sorts.  So, we drove over parked in the little lot and climbed up.  Once we got a little further up you could see a wash where the flooding happened – we kept climbing on the rocks up to several tiers of waterfall.  Some was a little tricky – no paths.

Short hike 10 minutes in, then whatever if you want to climb up the rocks through the falls.

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Grassi Lakes Hike near Canmore Alberta

Went on TWO hikes today.  OK they were both pretty short but what a blast.  Here is the first one: Grassi Lakes just behind Canmore.  Busy. Which was fine. I wanted a hike with lots of people.  Fewer grizzly bears  that way. Plus I wanted people that run slower than me.  Anyway, it was crowded. There were at least a couple of dozen rock climbers – you can see in one or two of the pics below.  Weather is amazing right now – summer in April.  The first picture is above the lakes looking down toward Canmore. If you go up there, it is not a tough hike.  From the parking lot you will come to a fork in the trail with a sign that says ‘Easy’ to the right. Read ‘Boring’.  To the left it says, “More difficult’ – take that one please. There is only one section where there are some steep rock steps but other than that…

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Courtney V Murias Sings Opera

This Wednesday past Yvonne and I went to the Church of the Redeemer to watch and listen to a good friend sing.  The Church does these noon hour concerts.

Courtney sings opera.  Now, opera is not something I usually go out to see or listen to. I listen to opera only when no one else is around – secret’s out.  

Courtney brings a whole new dimension to opera for me.  

She was at one moment intense and deeply passionate and the next light and airy.  It was really a stunning performance.  Below is a link to her website which lists events where she is performing.  Make time to go see/listen to her.  I promise you will not be disappointed!

Courtney’s website

Here are some pics of the event:

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