Year: 2016

Sister Gwen van Kleef with Saluki Pups

Sister Gwen van Kleef with Saluki Pups

Scanning in some old photos(slides) and came across some of my sister Gwen with a friend’s Saluki pups.  One of the oldest breeds. Beautiful dogs. The photos are from the early 70s – the last one is the mama – not being very co-operative.

gwen van kleef
Gwen van Kleef, Gwen Jones
gwen van kleef
Gwen Van Kleef, Gwen Jones
gwen van kleef
Gwen Van Kleef; Gwen Jones
gwen van kleef
Gwen Van Kleef; Gwen Jones
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Amsterdam Trip – Utrecht

A few days before leaving, we visited Utrecht.  About half an hour south of where we were staying in Amsterdam with Yvonne’s cousin Greetje.  Beautiful city.  I think older than Amsterdam and not as busy with tourists.  Apparently is the religious centre of The Netherlands evidenced by the churches. Was an amazing sunny day with people out on the water, in parks and sitting outside restaurants in pretty much every available spot.

 Yvonne and Greetje:

 Where is Yvonne? #whereisyvonne

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Amsterdam Day hmmm 14? 15? in Kinderdijk with the Windmills

We went to Kinderdijk with Yvonne’s cousins Peter and Eric. That is south of Amsterdam a ways.

The windmills there are still completely functional.   They were built about 400 years ago and still work.  Maybe the automobile industry and computer industry could take a few lessons from the Dutch. Here, they are pumping the water from the field into the main canal with feeds into a major river that runs into the sea.

Is was still raining a bit when we first got there so we had some coffee and apple pie with cream while it cleared up and then rented bicycles for the day.  I’d been dying to go for a good long bike ride but didn’t expect to go this far – we did about 40 kilometres (approx. 25 miles).  When we got to where we were going we had lunch and some Belgium beer.  Made the legs a bit rubbery for the first bit of the ride back.  Going out it was pretty overcast as you can see in the first bunch of pics of the windmills.  Sun came out later making for some different photos.

Where we stopped for lunch:

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Amsterdam Day 12?

Roamed around Amsterdam some more.  Managed to find ourselves in the Red Light District – AGAIN!  But at night this time.

This is what the kids ride around in – no helmut (yea baby!!)

A wooden bicycle:

A pretty big shoe!!:

The Red Light District:

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Amsterdam Trip Day 11 – some history

martin jones; gwen van kleef

Yesterday we drove through Makkum, about 45 minutes north of Amsterdam.  This is a small sea town where my ancestors – well, basically where my family tree on mum’s side started.  The house below is where the first Kingma lived.  That is the name my great(to the Nth) grandfather lived.  You can see the plaque on the side of the house with his original name and the date: 1767 (Yeah, that’s me at the front door:) This is the great* ancestor of me and sister Gwen Van Kleef.

gwen van kleef

Apparently he was a shipbuilder and paid to have the locks there enlarged so that his ships would fit.  Here is a view of one side of the lock from the house.

Here is a shot of the girls trying to mimic the statues at the harbour: 

Another picturesque little town among hundreds.  Here are some photos of the village and harbour:

The restaurant where we had lunch.  Some in the sun and some in the rain:

The fishing boats:

My sweetie:

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Prague Day 7

I don’t really know if this is Day 7 or Day 8 or whatever but here are some cool night shots of the Old Town of Prague.  Some are pretty grainy but still give you a feeling of the beauty in these old walls.  It was a bit rainy and wet – I thought it would make for some nice reflections.

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Prague – Day 6

These photos are, I think, actually a second batch from Day 5. I hope you will forgive me.  We were sitting in the Old Town Square Prague and I started taking photos of people taking photos.  What a hoot.  I’d done this a few times in Niagara Falls some years ago but this was more interesting as I could face those taking the photos to some degree. Some of the expressions are priceless.  And the way some are holding their arms/cameras/phones etc.  Loads of fun. 

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Prague – our trip – Day 5

We caught a short flight(very inexpensive) to Prague from Amsterdam.  With wonderful instructions from Vincent – our AirBnB host – we caught the correct bus and exited a 100 feet from the entrance to our apartment for our stay here.  If you are looking to use AirBnB for your stay in Prague, check out Vincent’s places.  He is very knowledgable about the city and gives you more than enough information for a comfortable and interesting stay.

After we arrived, we were both hungry so Vincent told us about a roof top restaurant pretty much next door – I though this would be a great idea – would give us an aerial view to get our bearings.  Then we walked for several hours on a very bright sunny day.  The photos were better when the sun descended a bit.  Here is the first batch from our walkabout.

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Amsterdam/Holland Day 4 – Marken

Cousin Greetje took us on a drive today up through to Marken.  Some little villages along the dikes where I would love to live, or at least cycle for a few days.  She told me Marken was created from the sea.  Started as a fishing village on stilts. From what she told me I thought it was created in the last 50-60 years.  It has been there at least 700 years. Crazy.  Nice walk about.  Some of the photos here are from a few villages on the way there. Ransdorp – Durgerdam – Coffee was at Uytdam.

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Amsterdam Trip Day 3

Was a very rainy day today  – not tons of pictures. Went to visit some friends, Kurt and Lexie.  Wonderful lunch with Dutch Apple tart for dessert. Yummy.  I need to walk more.  Then a walk through Muiden. About 10 minutes from where we are staying at Yvonne’s cousin’s place.  There was this huge castle called the Muiden Castle(big surprise there) which they began building about 1280 – makes it over 700 years old.  Holland is an amazing place. I learned today how the Dutch used wind powered saw mills to build ships faster than anyone made the Netherlands the most powerful naval force in the world in the 1600s.   Maiden in on the sea.  There are locks here and the pubs near the locks are somewhat famous in the area for sitting and listening to husbands and wives on the boat fighting about where to put the ropes, etc.

Here are a couple of shots from today:

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