Month: July 2015

Forest Fire British Columbia 2015 – Fraser Valley

Last month(June 2015) on our way to the coast we were traveling Highway 1, through the Fraser Valley.  Much prettier than the Coquihalla.  We saw smoke for miles before we came across the actual fire.  The helicopters were dropping water gotten from a river close by. I watched for a while thinking that there efforts were noble but such a small amount of water against such a massive fire.  I thought it would evaporate before it hit the ground.  Such beauty at the expense of such beauty.  

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Hiking Ptarmigan Cirque – Highwood Pass, Alberta

This is one of our favourite spots.  It is not a terribly difficult hike.  The pass is 7200 feet and the hike starts there.  It is about another 700 feet to the meadow.  If you want to go a bit higher, you can go back up the rocks – I did yesterday – another couple hundred feet. 

Took us about an hour and 20 minutes from Signal Hill area in Calgary to get there.  Highway #1 to #40 then south.  There is a parking area and washrooms at the trail head on the opposite side of the road.  Take your camera.  Usually lots of mountain sheep – they will ask you for food.

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Great Alberta horseman – Rodeo pickup man

I’ve been shooting Rodeos in the general Calgary area for the last few years. One of the things I particularly enjoy watching and am fascinated by is the pickup guys.  These are the horsemen that catch the bucking bronc after he has thrown his rider.  They will, at a full gallop be laughing and chatting while catching the runaway horse.  This is Keith Pengelly.  I have lots of shots of him from previous years but here are a few from Dogpound Rodeo the other day and Water Valley rodeo in June of this year.

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