Month: February 2015

Hike along Prairie Creek Trail – Elbow Falls

Here are a few pictures from yesterday’s (short) hike along Prairie Creek Trail just past Elbow Falls.  The weather was perfect – a couple of degrees below freezing and plenty of sunshine.  No snow to speak of.  A bit of ice but the trail has been so walked upon that lots of dirt over the ice so it wasn’t at all slippery.  There was even a bit of mud in places.  We didn’t go all that far in – only a couple of kilometers.  Great going on a Tuesday – we didn’t see another hiker at all.

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More Snowshoeing – Station Flats

We had so much fun out at West Bragg Creek the day before we decided to go out again.  We headed out to Station Flats along the way to Elbow Falls.  The ‘Flats’ part was a little misleading – thought it would be a nice easy hike around the mountain – not over.  Wasn’t really that tough but we were new to snowshoes and were looking forward to an easy few hours after our slogging the previous day.  Got a few pics with my iPad.  One of me half way up one of the hills. There was not that much snow higher up and for a short bit we took our snowshoes off. Right now though(mid Feb 2015 I expect there is little or no snow at either location.)

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West Bragg Creek Trails – Snowshoeing

About three weeks ago on a Tuesday we went here to do some snowshoeing.  We had been told Snowshoe Hare Trail was a decent trail and set aside specifically for snowshoes not cross country skis.  We had only been out a couple of times on snowshoes and loved and the temperature being perfect for us  – a couple of degrees below freezing.  We are not hard core – going outside at -20.

You get to this park by going through Bragg Creek, over the bridge and making a left on West Bragg Creek Road.  You will eventually come to a parking lot on the right when you cannot continue on the road anymore. 

We hiked some of the trails here in warmer weather – there are lots.

There was decent snow on the trail.  We went in about 1-2 km and then went off trail.  Something we would not have wanted to do with just boots or skis.  After a while we did wander back to another trail and eventually found our way to the parking lot before dark.  We were out for about three hours which was perfect for not having done this all that much. A few newly worked muscles.

Here are a few of the pics.  One or two with my camera but most taken with my iPad.

Distance: 5.4km Return
Elevation Gain: 124 m
Total Elevation Gain: 173 m
Physical Difficulty: 2/5
Technical Difficulty: 2/5
Time: 1.25 – 2 Hrs

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