Month: January 2014

We do love our coffee…

I was sent yesterday to pick up a bag of coffee at Roast. They have a kiosk at Kingsland Famer’s Market in Calgary.  We had some before and loved it.  It was morning, things were slow and I was able to have a great chat about coffee with the beautiful Barista, Shauna(I hope I have spelled your name correctly). 

We talked about how wonderful flavours of coffee made from a French Press and lots of other coffee related chatter.  While I was learning all sorts of great things about coffee Shauna made me a kick-ass cup of Americano.  

In case you need the visual to find, I’ve included a photo:

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Elbow Falls changed by the June 2013 flood

We did some snowshoeing last Wednesday at Elbow Falls in Kananaskis.  We really had  a great time – went just for a short time as we hadn’t done it before and did not know if we would enjoy or what.  We are definitely going again.  There so many places just along the road to Elbow Falls.  Hopefully, there is still lots of snow for our trip tomorrow.

The whole layout of the river approaching the falls has changed.

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Posting this on as many places as I can…

Here is a recent video that my son K Spencer Jones acted in.  Both the countries of Aruba and Curacao are now using this film for promotional purposes.  Film by Kevin Garrison.  I’m shamelessly promoting the film.  Hope you like as much as I do.

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New Year’s Eve 2013

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