Month: June 2013

A&W Girls from the 100 Year Celebration in Olds, Alberta

Last weekend at the dinner/dance Saturday evening part of the event was sponsored by A&W.  They had four girls on roller skates serving drinks, particularly root beer floats to all the attendees.  They had the A&W car there and I was able to get the girls to pose with that as well.  They were really having a great time!

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Olds Show ‘n Shine – Main Street – June 22, 2013

At the Olds 100 year celebration I was able to get some nice shots of some of the cars on display.  Fortunately there was some very nice weather on Saturday and even though the ground was wet and there were a few extra mosquitos, it was busy and looked like all were having fun.

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100 Year Celebration in Olds, Alberta

I spent most of the weekend taking pictures at the Olds 100 Year Celebration in Olds, Alberta.  This was a joint creation with the Town of Olds and Olds College.  There were four days of activities.  I’ll try and post some of the photos over the next few days so they are separated by activity.

Activities included Show ‘n Shine Car show in the morning on Saturday, a couple of bandstands with music and entertainment for the children, clowns, bands playing on Thursday and Saturday evenings and a dinner with four A & W girls roller skating and delivering Root Beer Floats to everyone Saturday evening.  All day Sunday was an antique/classic car Auction where they raised a ton of money for the College.

Here are a couple of shots of Angie from Live, Laugh, Hoop.  I watched her at the street fest on Saturday and she takes this to a whole new level.  I have seen skilled people with hoops before but Angie takes it to an aesthetic band that is pure joy to watch.

If you want training in the Art/Skill of ‘The Hoop’ email her: Angie

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The Art of Manliness – Conversation

This is quite brilliant.  If even a few of these points were followed by the majority of people most of the time, I think we could stave off a lot of arguments and wars.  Well, maybe not wars but it really is a good outline of general manners of human intercourse.  This is not just for men but I think should be required reading for men and women of all ages.

The Art of Manliness – 37 Rules of Conversation

Get the book ‘Art of Manliness’

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Ha Ling Mountain – Canmore Alberta

This climb was rated at a couple of sites as ‘moderate’.  NOT.  It is 850 meters up – well, not quite but a few meters here or there??.  All up and fairly steep and about 6 km each way.  Not a long way but a good climb.  It is really, really is worth the trip, the views are incredible!  but I would rate it at least “Hard”.  I’m in decent shape aerobically but my legs were pretty rubbery by the time I got to the top.  I was pretty warm going up and was cursing the extra clothing that I was carrying in my backpack.  We I got to the top, I was happy that I had it as sweated a fair bit and was able to change into a dry shirt.  It was pretty chilly up top and I would have been uncomfortable otherwise.  Wear decent footwear.  We met some who had trouble with that.  It is fairly steep in parts and at the top is gravelly and is worse coming down than going up in that part.  I was happy to have my hiking stick.  Below is a video Spencer and I took to give you an idea of the views and then some pictures of the hike.  It was quite beautiful all the way up.  The first section is green and mossy under the trees and some nice views from the switch-backs on the way up.  Spencer went to the top when I caught up to him. I stayed at the ‘saddle’ – there was a nice piece of flat rock that I could lie down on and rest my back.  That is where we took this video.  I would do this hike again but start earlier and take more breaks:)

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Today’s time for 2100 meters (Across The Lake Swim – practice)

So, my swim in July is 2.1 KM across the lake. I’m going to do just that distance for any workouts that I can get in between now and then.  See how fast I can go and keep up the pace.

Today I did 35 minutes for 2100 meters.  Felt good!

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Middle of the pack in Kelowna ‘Across the Lake Swim’

So, last night I read through the website for the swim I’m doing in July.  Please note I’ve never done a lake swim before and haven’t ‘raced’ in 40+ years.  The swim in actually 2100 meters (2.1 km). If I figure yesterdays swim in the pool, I’m doing about 37 minutes for the above distance.  There are 650 swimmers in the race.  My god!!  Ages ranging from 15 to over 70.  I figure my time puts me in the top 250 of the whole crowd.  Only in the top 20-25 of my age group(55-64). I will be 62 at race time.  If I can keep that time even with all the factors of going across the lake, I will be happy.  Actually, I’ll be happy finishing!!

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2.5 km in 45 minutes

I have a ‘cross the lake swim’ I’m going to be doing in Kelowna, BC on July 20th.  2.2 kilometers (about 2300 yards).  One width of the lake.  I work out pretty regularly in the pool but wanted to see how long it took me to do 2500 meters(2.5 KM) at a steady pace. It took me about 45 minutes of continuous swimming.  Allowing for no line on the bottom of the lake to follow, hopefully, that will equal the time it would take me to do the crossing. That puts me a little faster than 2 miles an hour:)

Wish me luck.

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A Distant Sun by Grant Boshoff

I’m helping a friend of mine, Grant Boshoff, promote his first book. It’s pretty good – excellent in fact! It is a free download until midnight tonight- 6 June 13(I had to pay…so if you end up paying a couple of bucks – worth it.) Check it out – it is fairly short and an excellent read:

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