Prague Trip 2016

Saturday, December 21, 2013

WURST Restaurant and Beer Hall in Calgary

WURST has reopened.  This authentic German beer hall has reopened after being damaged and closed from the flooding last June.  Get out of the cold and enjoy a beer made in accordance with the "German Beer Purity Law".  (No additives and such.)  And good wholesome comfort food.  

WURST Restaurant and Beer Hall

Friday, November 22, 2013

Enoteca Wine Store Calgary - Christmas Beer

Gary has some great Belgium beers that have been made specifically for the Christmas season.  If you prefer beer that has some real taste try a beer from this country - Enoteca has a great selection.  I've tried a couple of the 'Christmas Beers' and they are superb.

Enoteca Wine Store

... and next week (Monday, I think) some great ciders will be available.  More info and more pictures then.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Driving through Waiparous and Benchlands area near Calgary

Went for a bit of a drive up past Cochrane yesterday.  Not much for gravel roads as I have an older car but went down Richards Rd a little ways.  Nice drive all the way through there.  Often, not always, donkeys will attack coyotes and keep them away from livestock.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Heart Mountain Trail Hike - Flooding

Went hiking(really it is just a walk) on Heart Mountain Trail near Exshaw yesterday.  It is a short hike, a kilometer or two in at best.  It is nice at the end - a bench you can sit and listen to the waterfall.  You can't really see it - hidden by rocks unless you climb a bit.  There is a steep path on the left across the stream that you can climb to the top if you like.  It is steep and parts are a bit of a scramble but nice views at the top if you don't mind a little exercise.  We were a bit shocked though.  Last time we had done this trail it was mostly through the woods.  A lot of the 'woods' are now gone!  The flooding last spring affected more than Calgary and High River.  As you can see below the water and likely the rocks took out huge swathes of trees.  Some open spaces where there once was not.  Some of the pictures below show you how high the water must have been going through there - quite amazing.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Driving back to Calgary through the Fraser Valley

Coming back from Vancouver, BC this year a friend suggested that I might like to drive up through the Fraser Valley.  Slower but prettier.  It did take a good hour more but it was so beautiful.  There are some great spots earlier in the trip but I'll leave those for the next drive through.  These were taken further north before turning west toward Kamloops.  It is all a beautiful drive but I think desertscapes photograph well.  Here are a few to give you a feel of the area:

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Millarville Rodeo August 2013

About 30 minutes or so south of Calgary(for me anyway) - I guess it depends on where in Calgary you live... is Millarville.  Same place as the Market. The Market runs until 2 PM when the rodeo starts so you can go and do a bit of shopping and then take in the rodeo if you want.  The parking lot gets pretty full when the Market is not finished and Rodeo is about to start.  But said parking is only a couple of dollars.

This year the ground was pretty wet and muddy and a little overcast.  The overcast was good because the sun can get pretty intense standing in it all day taking pictures.  Plus I wore a hat this time. If you haven't been driving out in the country this time of year it is totally worth it with the canola in bloom.  Do a search in Google images for 'canola fields in alberta' and you will see what I mean.

Here are a few pictures from the rodeo:

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hiking Yamnuska

Hiked up Yamnuska today.  Just went to the rocks.  Weather was getting bad some came back without climbing around.  Not a real difficult hike.  About 45 minutes from Calgary on 1A.  You can go along Highway 1 then the turnoff for Exshaw and when you get to 1A come back at bit and take the turnoff north to the parking lot.