Month: December 2012

SwimSmooth video

I read a book on Total Immersion swimming and changed my freestyle stroke.  I then started watching some videos from SwimSmooth.  I now have a pretty good balance of the two and find I’m going further faster.  SwimSmooth has some really great videos – start with this one:

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How to destroy something good

Check out an article I wrote on another blog:

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Is it getting safer in America?

The media and those that control the newspapers, radio and television would have you believe that the environment is getting more dangerous all the time.  They seem to make money from our fear.  It is like a bad Science Fiction movie where the alien monster thrives on fear of others.  If one surveyed people in North America about guns and if things were getting worse or better I’m pretty certain that most would vote that things are getting more dangerous.  Well, if you look at the actual statistics on gun violence put out by the Bureau of Justice Statistics you will see that this is not true. The actual fact is that there is less gun violence that there was 20 years ago.  Things may even be getting better:)

Bureau of Justice Statistics

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Sandy Hook Elementary School

An article about guns and violence in schools and some statistics:

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Hiking Prairie Creek Trail near Elbow Falls.

Went for a pretty short hike near Elbow Falls the other day.  It wasn’t real cold but very windy and looked like a storm was coming in so we cut it a bit short.  Only walked a couple of kilometers in.  Most of that was nicely protected so the wind wasn’t so bad – as long as we were in the trees.  I took the video below where we turned around – it was much more exposed there.  Nice easy trail but if you are going to try it at this time of year you may want to take some cleats that you can put over your shoes or boots as the trail is quite slippery in parts. 

Prairie Creek Video

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Greg Mortenson and his ‘Three Cups of Tea’

About three years ago I read a couple of books by a fellow called Greg Mortenson: “Three Cups of Tea” and  “Stones into Schools”.  I found both books wonderful and inspiring. Greg admitted that his administration techniques were somewhat lacking which in hindsight was probably a bit of a mistake because it gave his detractors a place to attack.  And it is guaranteed that if you do good in the world and make sure that people know about it that you will get attacked. About a year and a half ago the TV show ’60 Minutes’ did what they called an expose on Greg calling a lot of his activities into doubt.  It is amazing though how easily people will jump on the bandwagon in an attack on someone.  All it seems that you have to do is point your finger and the mobs will accrue without verification of facts.  And to attack a guy like Greg doing good and trying to help people and trying to calm things down in the middle east…well, what is the point of that.  So, he is not perfect.  And I’m sure that the people pointing their fingers at Greg and his organisation will never be able to hold a candle to him and the good that he has done in the world.

I found a blog today by Sabina Kahn.  She visited one of the first schools that Greg’s organization built and talked to the villagers about what Greg had done there.  Please check it out:

The Way I See It by Sabina Kahn

There used to be the odd journalist with integrity in main stream media.  Not anymore.  I now assume that if something is being attacked by big media it is in all likelihood a good thing.  And also if there is some really good news out there 99% of the time you will not hear it unless you look for it in alternative media sources.  

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