Month: June 2012

Kananaskis Village – Hiking at Ribbon Creek Day use area

Took a drive out to Kananaskis Village – looked like it would be as warm as anywhere today – and ended up going on an unplanned short, easy hike.  Near the Village is Ribbon Creek Day use area with a number of well kept walking/hiking trails nearby.  We hiked along the river and made the first convenient left on the trail and looped back making about a 7-8 kilometer hike: difficulty: easy.

This last picture was taken on the way back – Sibbald Flat.  (Our next hike.)

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1410 Bierhaus on 17th Ave SW, Calgary

Recently, my son and a couple of friends drove up from Denver to visit.  All being under 21 and not being able to drink in the US of A, we took them for some fine food and exceptional beer at the 1410 Bierhaus.  We had not been there before and did not know what to expect.  We were all more than pleasantly surprised. The beer list is about 180 choices and mostly of types that I had not had before.  The waitresses know the beers but they also have a fellow, Cory, that cruises the floor and helps people with their choices.  He came by our table asked us each one or two questions and brought us each the exactly what we wanted.  Everyone different.  What was great about this also is that we were able to taste each other’s beer as well.  All were fantastic.

The restaurant’s claim to fame is the beer, obviously but we have been back a couple of times since for the food.

I could recommend it alone for the service, which was wonderful.  The place was packed and although the waitress had a lot to do she never made us feel that she did not have time for us or had to rush away. The place does get busy and noisy so if you want a quiet piano bar, this is not the place.  On busy nights it may be wise to book a table ahead of time.
1410 Bierhaus

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Child raising 101

This blog is kinda for my kids and anyone else who will listen.  We always hope that our children will not always have to relearn those things which we had to get knocked into our heads throughout a lifetime.  Sadly, or maybe it isn’t so bad, it doesn’t always work out that way.  Anyway, here is rule number one for raising children.  Well, actually it would be rule number two.  ‘Love them’ being rule number one.

Rule number two: Never get angry with your kids or fight with your spouse around them.

This rule is not up for argument.

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