Month: September 2011

Grill it now – I like to cook…

I was working at a show in Vancouver a few weeks ago selling my product and across from us was a booth for a stove top grill.  I’m always skeptical – I’ve purchased more things that I don’t need in my life and generally at this point I’m more concerned about how to get rid of ‘stuff’ than accumulate it.  About the only room that I would willingly increase the size of in our small apartment is the kitchen.  I do like to cook and when Yvonne and I create something together in the kitchen it is masterful.  (I attribute 90% to her.) 

So, anyway, I was able to watch Nick and Ron cook with this product for two and a half weeks and taste the food that it produced.  I even did a little online research about these products.  Not everyone has a chance to do this when they are watching a demonstration at a trade show or fair but I thought that I should take advantage of my position of being able to do so. 

Long and short of it – I purchase one and I love it!  I use it almost every day.  It is perfect for the two of us.  If I want to cook up something for myself, it works quickly for that as well.  If I was cooking for more than just us on a regular basis, I might have a couple.  I got it largely because I live in a climate that has a very long winter and I like to grill – this way I can grill all year – ha!

You can purchase the product online: Grill It Now

If you see it being demonstrated at a show, check it out – taste the food.  I cannot speak for comparable products but this one I know is excellent.

One other important fact is that it cleans up so easily.  I have high quality stainless steel cookware (not super expensive stuff – but good) so I am used to cooking on quality and love the easy clean up of good stainless – the ceramic coating on this grill cleans up beautifully.


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Winter Driving Tip

Here is a tip for driving in ice and snow.  Well it is more of a tip for getting out when you are stuck.  Instead of keeping a bag of sand in your trunk try keeping and using a bag of sawdust.  Of all the materials that I have used to get a car off slippery ice, sawdust is by far the best.  First off, sand freezes and is extra weight that sometimes you don’t want.  Or need.  And it is pretty easy to get.  To Home Depot and pretty much any lumber yard sawdust is just garbage.  And as they say, ‘One man’s garbage…’

Keep a small bag of sawdust in your trunk.

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Golden Ears Farm, Chase BC

I was coming back from Vancouver a couple of weeks ago and decided to stop in to see the son of a good friend.  He lives and works on an organic farm in Chase, BC.  I only had an hour or so but was able to get a short tour of the place.  He has been there for about a year and was impressed at how much I learned from him in that short time.  He does a lot of research and is able to communicate the information and make it easily understandable to someone uneducated in the subject(me).  I got to eat sweet corn right off the stalk and the most wonderful fresh organic fruit.  The bread they make is to die for. 

The website for the farm is:

If you are anywhere near Chase, then I urge you to check out the store.  It is at the west end of town on the highway – north side.  They are only open in season.  If you are going west you will pass a PetroCan station on your right – the store is a little past that on your left.

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PlayStation 3 for photos and music

I purchased a Playstation3 the other day.  I like my movies and all the Blockbusters have gone out of business so that was my solution.  I’m not a gamer at all but was pleasantly surprised at some other uses of the console. 

I had been wondering about having my music on a hard drive that I could play through my stereo or TV and not have to plug in my iPod.  This seems to work for just that.  I can load all of my music and play it this way.  I also have been messing around with my photos – what a great way to view them. (Wow!! do they ever look nice!)  I’m still learning how to set up and manipulate the files but am really enjoying my new toy. 

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