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Kingsland Farmer’s Market – Calgary, Alberta

I get many people coming to this blog searching for the farmer’s markets.  Many end up at my post on the now defunct Calgary Farmer’s Market which used to be located near Richardson Way SW near the university.  If you are not already aware of this – there are a couple of new markets – the one that we like to go to is on MacLeod Trail just south of Glenmore on the west side: Kingsland Farmer’s Market

I wandered through yesterday taking a few pictures to try and communicate what is available.

Everything from mead: (Try a taste…)

…to a good assorment of organic fruits and vegetables:

…desserts to die for!!! courtesy of Banuka Bakery – (I cannot walk by this stand without purchasing some of his baklava): (You can find more at #7a, 7640 Fairmount Drive, S.E.)

…jams a’plenty:
(by Jammin’ It
I love the lemon marmalade and they have some very good red pepper jelly.

There is also a good choice of meats, spiced and otherwise.  Buy some dutch cheese or some eggs.  Some very good coffee and tea available and plenty of places to sit if you want a break or if you go there for lunch:

 Open Thursday through Sunday.  Enjoy!!

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A good spy novel

If you like a good ‘old school’ spy novel with hints of John Lecarre, try
Olen Steinhauer’s The Tourist. 

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The War On Drugs

“What do international terrorism, the world’s financial markets, empire building and capitalism have in common? Their utter dependence on drug profits for their very existence.”
from Shadow Masters by Daniel Estulin

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Enoteca Specialty Wines – Calgary Alberta

I loved this place.  We went to  to pick up some Cuban cigars.  One of my boys was turning 18 and wanted to smoke a Cuban, so….

Next door was a wine store that I’d wanted to go into – had driven by several times and seen it but had never gotten around to checking it out.  We went in and were greeted by the proprietor, Gary Findlay.  He and another fellow were tasting wine – nice job if you can get it.  As it turned out they were tasting some wine brought in by James (Kent) a wine consultant who just happened to be there when we walked in – as they say it is all in the timing!

These gentleman were kind enough to let us taste some really spectacular wines.  We are constantly looking to try different wines and I prefer if not too pricey.  One particular wine was really superb – and it was pricey but fortunately the store was not carrying it yet so that made it easier…

James also had us taste some that were very reasonably priced and still excellent.  The shelves as well, held more than ample for my tastes and price range.  Gary carries many wines that I had not seen in other stores.  Both gentleman had great knowledge and enthusiasm for wine.

I also liked Enoteca’s very convenient location, just south of Glenmore on the east side of MacLeod.

Enoteca Specialty Wines
7112 MacLeod Trail SE
Calgary Alberta
Ph: 403-252-5529

Check out the website as well:


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Alberta Horses near Calgary and Cochrane

 I went for  drive off Highway 1A yesterday west of Cochrane.  Off one of the roads heading north to see what I would see. There are a lot of horses in Alberta and I love that.  Coming along Highway 1A from Exshaw I had to be careful – there were some horses over the fence and halfway on the road.  No place to stop to herd them back in. Even the cop behind me didn’t stop as there was nowhere safe.  Hopefully, most people coming along there are local and know to be careful. 

Up the road a few miles I stopped to take a few pics.  The horses were very friendly – came over to say hi.

To see some more horse pics check out Martin Glyn Jones Photography

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Learning How To Research

The most valuable tool, I think, that I could leave my children is learning through research.  It is not always that easy but learning and research do go hand in hand.  Many people figure that when they are done school that is it.  Most of the time that should be just the beginning as not much really useful information was gathered there. 

For me, one of the best ways to research a subject is through periodicals – magazines. 

Nowadays, this translates into online newsletters but it is the same idea.  One of the main reasons a magazine or periodical is good for research on a subject or helping to learn to research is that they are generally geared to neophytes or people newer to the subject.  For example, quite a number of years ago I started to learn photography.  I wanted to learn everything that I could and started accumulating books but the most useful thing that I aquired was a subscription to a photo magazine.  Most of the magazines that I found on the shelf were covering basics. I realized after a while that they were on a 18 month to 2 year cycle.  They would cover a lot of basics of photography – the articles were simple, informative and would give one lots of material to practice with.  Once they cycled through these basics they would start over again.  I have subscibed to other magazines and although not as long with some, they appeared to be similar – a one to two year cycle of the basics.

Learning how to research takes a bit of practice but this was a great way to start. Take what you learn from these periodicals or newsletters and go practice to see if it works for you.  As I learned more I bought books in the areas that I wanted more detail. I did not always read them cover to cover but looked for specifics of what I wanted to learn and apply. 

For me the ability to judge what was important came with a lot of practise – taking what I learned and applying it.  The more I did this the better my judgement got as to what was important. 

The other key was making sure that I understood the terminology.  This was vital.  Almost any ‘niche’ or subject has its own nomenclature and if you don’t know the terms there is no way to understand the material around it.  I’ve had people tell me that ‘you’ll get it from the context’ – believe me please, this is chancy at best.  It is so easy these days to get the proper definitions – there are so many dictionaries online – it takes seconds.  I’m old school and like my dictionaries but often if you are researching in a specialized subject there are terms and phrases that will not be in a conventional dictionary.  I made sure that I had specialized photo dictionaries about as well. 

These days the resources online are extensive.  But make sure that you evaluate the material. 

I would love to see researched based learning part of school systems but I don’t think that is going to happen anytime soon. Best to keep your kids at home and teach them how to read then if you are teaching them how to research they will be able to absorb and evaluate anything. 

Learn to research properly and you can tackle anything.

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