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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Massage By Sonya - Marda Loop Massage

I've been overdoing it a bit in the pool lately.  I know swimming is supposed to be an 'injury free' sport but I've almost doubled my distances over the last couple of months or so and have not added much time to my workouts so the other day my shoulder started complaining - quite a bit of tendonitis and general shoulder pain.  I generally respond well to massage and am not that fond of chiropractic so I searched online for someone close and found Massage by Sonya.  There was a intro special and not knowing who's who in Calgary I figured I would take a chance.  I'm sooo glad I did.  I had expected the pain to last days but I got a great massage and by the next day the pain was pretty much gone.  Sonya gave me some exercises/stretches that have helped a great deal as well. 

You can see her website here:

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kensington Wine Market - Calgary

I have not been to all of the wine stores in Calgary but so far the Kensington Wine Market has one of the best selections around.  A good assortment of wines from around the world with some very good inexpensive wines and plenty of excellent more expensive wines.  But plenty for me in the middle.

Kensington Wine Market - Calgary
My son purchased a 'wine of the month' for me which I love as I get to try wines that I may not otherwise.  So, once a month, instead of having them deliver I make a point of going into the store to pick it up and purchase a few others.  The staff have always been helpful in steering me to good wines of the types that I like. 

They can keep track of your purchases if you want and you can also go and create an account at their website to order or mark your favourites.