Month: February 2011

World Of Wheels – Calgary, Alberta 2011 – Cars

I was working at the World of Wheels Show at the Stampede grounds this past weekend. Some really sweet rides, believe me. Right across from us there was this 1969 yellow Camaro SS that was an absolute work of art. Owned by Craig and Denise. (I hope I have the names correct.)  This is Craig’s ninth or tenth restoration.

1969 Camaro SS
circa 1938 jaguar

There were tons of great muscle cars and some much older like the front end of this circa 1938 Jaguar Sedan. I spoke to the owner for a while.  Justifiably quite proud of his work:

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Chris Smith and Turner King at Killarney’s Pub in Airdrie, Alberta

Went to a great Pub in Airdrie on Saturday evening. Killarney’s Pub We are in the southwest and it only took us about 35 minutes to get there. I lived in Toronto a large part of my life so 35 minutes to get somewhere is nothing. Free parking – nice. A very comfortable atmosphere. Decent pub food. The desserts were especially good.

But we went for the music. Some friends of the musicians invited us and I’m so glad. I’m a big fan of Blues and Jazz. They are a jazz duet out of the Toronto area and from what I gather, play at Killarney’s Pub when they are in the area.

Chris Smith and Turner King. Chris on the guitar and Turner playing Sax. They played a lot of jazz favourites and some nice adaptations. I loved their version of Sea of Love. Both very accomplished musicians. A very easy style that is pleasant to listen to. I’d see them again and will keep an eye on Chris’s website: Chris Smith Live

Turner and I chatted for about 30 minutes about music, movies and education – I love his way with kids.

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The Seanachie at Signal Hill, Calgary, Alberta

The Seanachie at Signal Hill

Seanachie means ‘bearer of old lore’.  (Irish)  It was a servant to chiefs of a tribe who kept track of important information for the clan.

The Seanachie Irish Pub is near the Superstore at the Signal Hill mall.  We went here for dinner the other day.  A very comfortable cozy type atmosphere.  I had a beef stew with Yorkshire pudding and the love of my life had fish and chips.  The food was great.  Real comfort food.  It is a fairly large place but had the feel of something smaller.  The music wasn’t too loud and so the warm buzz of chattering patrons made the place feel alive.   But not intrusive. Safe.  And although they had the required sports TVs they weren’t overwhelming. 

Definitely recommended.

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