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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Driving around horse country

Went for a drive late in the day yesterday to try and catch some late in the day sunshine.  There are tons of wonderful back roads outside of Calgary.  This was taken a little north and west of Cochrane.  If you can catch some of the roads when they are not covered in snow, it makes the driving a little safer.  I saw about 20 people up on a hill having a great time tobogganing down a large hill.  Looked like they were having a great time. This picture taken at the same spot, different angle.  Part of their view from their perch on the hill while sliding down.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Okotoks Masters Swim meet

I've been swimming for years a few times a week - tomorrow is the first time I will get to race in something like 24 years!  Wish me luck:)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Thrill Calgary - Michael Jackson's Thriller at Eau Claire

Here are a couple of photos of Thrill Calgary - the practice, the performance and some of the costumes.  More at

 This event was put on by Thrill Calgary along with hundreds of cities around the world with the goal of getting food donations for the Interfaith Food Bank.  Trying to break the record of the number of registered participants.  Not sure if they made it but it was a blast watching them.  Check out my other site for more photos.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Golden Ears Farm, Chase BC

I was coming back from Vancouver a couple of weeks ago and decided to stop in to see the son of a good friend.  He lives and works on an organic farm in Chase, BC.  I only had an hour or so but was able to get a short tour of the place.  He has been there for about a year and was impressed at how much I learned from him in that short time.  He does a lot of research and is able to communicate the information and make it easily understandable to someone uneducated in the subject(me).  I got to eat sweet corn right off the stalk and the most wonderful fresh organic fruit.  The bread they make is to die for. 

The website for the farm is:

If you are anywhere near Chase, then I urge you to check out the store.  It is at the west end of town on the highway - north side.  They are only open in season.  If you are going west you will pass a PetroCan station on your right - the store is a little past that on your left.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Millarsville Rodeo Near Calgary - August 2011

A couple of weekends ago I went to take some pictures of the horses and people at the Millarsville Rodeo (a little south of Calgary).  This rodeo is not on the professional circuit; it is an amateur rodeo and really was a lot of fun.  It is a smaller venue than some so you feel much closer to the action.  The riders and participants were are very professional and competent especially when when one of the wild horses got into the main arena in the middle of the introductory demonstrations.  A little scary but well handled.  I wandered around taking photos and all were very friendly.  I took lots of pictures.  If you were there and saw me take yours and you would like a copy and you don't see it here (or do) please email me: martin at  and I'll see if I can get you a copy. 

Wild Horse Race

Warm Up

Friends I expect

The one that got away

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hking Upper Kananaskis Lake, Alberta

Last fall we hiked up and back the east side of the lower lake - it was early November and a bit of a rainy day.  We thought it best not to challenge the gods and try the upper lake. A good thing, as we met someone later that day that had tried the upper in the morning and was driven out by a snow squall.  As it was, we started our hike in beautiful sunshine and completed it in overcast rain. 

I checked the times for this hike on a couple of sites before leaving and one said it would take 3-4 hours.  It took us about 5 hours. We took one 30 minute break for some food and we mucked about the rocky area at the far end of the lake for a little bit taking pictures and the like.  One would have to be moving quite briskly to make it in 3 hours.  We are not the fastest hikers but nor are we doddlers.

That said it is a really beautiful hike.  We went counter clockwise starting at the north parking lot.  Walking along the north side of the lake we had the sun on our left and coming back we were much more in the shade.  The first part of the walk has views of the lake through the trees for the most part.  We kinda lost the trail where it swings south around the end of the lake and ended up on the rocks.  There, you have a beautiful view of the lake and the mountains. 

Here is a link to a short video I took of from there:

We managed to follow the shore line around and eventually reunited with the trail.  Still at the back end of the lake going in a somewhat southerly direction you cross the river over a wooden bridge.  When we crossed last week the river was extremely high.  A little ways past that another slow moving water way
must be crossed by traversing various well placed trees/logs. 

 Coming back the south side of the lake is mostly in the forest but the trail is incredibly lush with areas of moss and some glimpses of the lake.  That is the area were we ran into the moose.  Well we didn't actually run into it.  We were coming around a bend and there he/she was.  I took several pictures and as it started walking toward us we thought it best to try and shoo it into the woods.  We did.  And the moose did. 

The walk is fairly level with some mild ups and downs - no major climbs. 

When you come out the bottom - you are in the south end parking area.  It is another 4 kilometers back to the north one.  If you happen to be meeting another couple there you could each park at different spots and drive each other if you want to dispense with that last stretch.

On the way back we stopped to take a picture of the sign pointing out the obvious: Smoke!  We were about to leave and saw a black bear.  I managed to take a few shots of him without getting eaten. 

All in all we walked about 10 miles or 15+ kilometers. It took us about 90 minutes to drive there from Calgary.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Massage in Calgary - Oracle

I've been to see Trevor at Oracle Massage Therapy a couple of times.  I had thrown my back/hip out two or three months ago and he did an amazing job of helping to relieve the pain.  Trevor is not rote or mechanical but seems to be able to address what the problem is and help.  I went a couple of days ago - birthday treat - and am absolutely thrilled with the increased mobility in my back and hip.

Check out the website: Oracle Massage  Give him a call, make an appointment!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Calgary Stampede 2011

We just finished working at the Stampede in Calgary.  I've worked this show selling products in the BMO Center for several years now.  It is a great show.  The staff are wonderful given the impossible task of trying to please all the various vendors and the public.  One of the things that is so impressive at this fair compared to many I have attended in the US and Canada is - it is the cleanest fair that I have seen.  Inside and out.  Most fairs and shows have the cleaning crew come in after hours but the Calgary Stampede has, I don't know how many people, constantly sweeping throughout the show so that the floors inside and walkways outside are always clean. 

I did have one small beef - over the years the BMO Center has always been well air conditioned but this year I'm not sure if there were problems mechanically or financially but there were a couple of days only that it was cool enough inside for the public and vendors to be comfortable.  Most of the time, even when it was not crowded it was extremely warm.  We tried in vain to find out what the problem was but none of the staff we spoke to seemed to know who was responsible for this.  Hopefully, next year for the 100th anniversary this will be fixed. 

If you can make it to this show during the week you will always have shorter lines and better service.  Weekends are very crowded.

See you next year!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Peach City Cruise - Penticton, British Columbia

Was in Penticton, BC last weekend and was able to enjoy the sun and sand and also get some great shots of the cars.  Penticton has a lot going on every year on that weekend.  There is an 'Elvis' show and the antique car show as well as another bandshell with other bands and entertainment.  Saturday also has a market downtown - something for everyone.  Below you will see some of my pictures.  I have quite a few that I liked so I put some here also: Martin Glyn Jones Photography

Here is more information about the Peach City Cruise.

 I love chrome

 more chrome...

 You can see me here upside down...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Heart Creek Mountain - Heart Creek Trail

About 40 minutes or so from Calgary, this is not a long or hard hike at all.  It is pretty level (and short) but it is a really beautiful walk.  The parking lot is at the junction of Lac des Arc exit off Highway #1.  On the south side of the highway.  You can park about a kilometer further east off the shoulder of the highway but at the parking lot are bathrooms and it is a nice walk the 800 meters to where the trail makes a turn to the south up the creek.  There is a for real hike that goes around Heart Mountain but that is for a different day. 

The walk-hike takes you over several bridges and on the way you are likely to see quite a number of rock climbers. More on the weekends.  It is open enough that you can see up the cliffs and rocks and mountains as you are walking.  It is not that far to the falls at the top end - a nice space for a picnic or to relax for a while.  You can climb up onto a rock there (you'll see) to get a better look at the falls. 

On the other side of the river in this beautiful grotto is a steep trail leading to the top.  I put a couple of 200 pound rocks in the river to make crossing a little easier and as I wanted a little more of a challenge climbed to the top of that trail.  There are a lot of loose rocks at the bottom section.  And it is steep enough that any rain at all would make it all but impossible to go the rest of the way as it would be too steep and muddy.  One does have to think about getting back down.  I have no idea how really to estimate heights but I figure it was a 200-300 foot climb.  I was not sure at first if the trail would go anywhere or if it would be one of those that petered out or just kept going and going on forever.  But it did get me to the top and it was, except for the trees, quite the view. 

Numerous paths at the top that would take you in almost any direction that I deigned not to take. 

We hung around for a while in the grotto - ate our lunch - it being a weekday was not terribly busy. 

This is a great walk if you have smaller kids or are looking for an easy or short hike with some very nice scenery.

The 'clearing' at the end of the trail

Heart Mountain