Month: December 2010

Vacation in Clearwater, Florida

Some photos of Clearwater Beach:

Clearwater Beach – Pier 60

The umbrellas are not just to look pretty – they protect the vendors from the wind on cool or windy days. And it was cool yesterday although you wouldn’t know it from looking at some of the people on the beach:

Clearwater Beach

Can you tell who the tourists are?

Couldn’t pass up photographing the girls frolicking on the beach – Shot from Pier 60.

Frenchy’s Cafe

Above is the original Frenchy’s – there are 2-3 more on the beach.

If you get lost:

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The School Board of Calgary doesn’t want you to help kids anymore…

I chatted with a fellow today that had been driving school bus for the City of Calgary/School Board, I think it was. He told me an interesting story: 

About seven or eight weeks ago during our cold snap a young girl about 7 years old got in a scuffle with another child and the sleeve of her coat was torn from shoulder to wrist.  She came each day for several days like this and he said to her on Friday that if it wasn’t fixed by Monday he would take care of it for her.  I believe he said that she lived in a home. Monday morning she came with the coat wrapped for him.  He took it and had it sewn up that evening and gave it back to her the next day.  A few days later a young boy got on the bus with his lunch and books in a plastic bag.  The driver, (the fellow that told me these stories) said that he had some extra back packs that he gotten give to him at the Stampede.  So, he gave one of them to
this young boy who happily accepted it.  A few weeks go by and he has completely forgotten about these incidents until a few days ago he is called in for a meeting.  In the meeting on one side is him and the other are five people from various sections of the School Board and City. 

It was the inquisition all over again for him.  One of the questions was “What were his intentions?”: What are they, the “Thought Police”?  Both of the above incidents were mentioned in the report that was presented to him.  The basic idea of the meeting was that what he did was wrong and that he must have had some weird intention for doing these things with these children. 

He told me that he told this committee in no uncertain terms what he thought of them.  So, Friday he got laid off.  But he’s happy he isn’t working for them anymore. 

Me, I’m of a different mind – I just see it as the bad guys having won. 

I really, really feel that one of the main purposes of life is to help – just that: to help.  If you see an opportunity to do so please don’t falter. And if someone attacks you for doing something good, realize it is their problem, not yours and go do some more good.

Some of the specific facts of the story may not be perfect – it is second hand – but the main points can be verified.  I do know the fellow’s name.

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Ace Curries to Go – Vancouver, Canada

We have been using some great spices that I got at the PNE last summer in Vancouver, Canada.  At the PNE they were doing some taste-testing and they were wonderful so I purchased a few.  They have these small jars with the spices already mixed for certain recipes, like curry, chicken korma and others. There is no MSG and no preservatives added.  We like to cook in rather than go out and we love these spices for lots of different recipes. 

You can check out their website here: Ace Curries to Go

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Hiking Ptarmigan Cirque in Kananaskis, Alberta

These photos were taken summer 2009.  Missed it this past summer but fully intend to get back there this coming season.  It is not a long hike by any means but stunning views.  Keep an eye out for the grizzlies.

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Support your local health food store!

Do you like to be able to have the freedom to purchase the healthy products that you want?  Would you rather that Health Canada decide what you are allowed to use or not use? 

Would you rather that Health Canada decide what, if any, naturorpathic doctor you can go to? 

If fully enforced recent laws will prevent us from being able to purchase about 75% of the natural vitamins and other supplements that we now have available.  These products would have to be fully tested and approved by the part of the government that allows pharmaceuticals on the market that have side effects of death. 

Community Natural Foods at Chinook, Calgary

In Calgary you have Community Natural Foods and other good health food stores. 

It is also the home of the makers of Empowerplus! a natural solution to things like Bi-Polar(manic depression) and other similar problems.

Here is a good site that puts this law and the function of Health Canada in proper perspective.

Bill C-6

And please watch this video to the end – there are more on Youtube.

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Where to swim in Calgary?

I thought I was in OK shape – I swim a little short of a mile a few times a week.  Thought I was ready to swim with a group.  I saw that the Glemmore Pool had a “Conditioning Swim” at a time that was more convenient to me.  I called and found that it was drop in.  It was either covered by one’s membership with the city pools and recreation centers or one could pay the drop in fee. 

My workouts are generally about 3/4s distance and then a bunch of sprints – mostly freestyle and some breaststroke.  Well, Carol, the coach, put me eventually in the second fastest lane which I managed to keep up with – mostly.  I had to take a few breaks – my legs were killing me – We started with a short warm up and then went to a lot of lengths with legs only – mine were burning. 

If you are swimming regularly and want to see how you are doing then I would definitely advise going to one of their workouts.  Different times most days of the week.  Lanes for most levels of ‘in-shapeness”.

You can check their schedules here: Glenmore Swim Times

By the way – I loved the workout.  I’ll be going more often.  Thanks Carol.

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