Prague Trip 2016

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hiking at Forgetmenot Pond -Little Elbow Campground - near Calgary, Alberta

This isn't really a hike - more of a walk if you are just going around this man made lake.  Take the road to Elbow Falls and keep going past the gate that is closed in the winter.  Go to the end of the paved highway - if you go straight at that point you will be on gravel - the route there is called PowderFace Trail.  It goes all the way through north to the highway but, well, I think you need the vehicle for that.  Anyway, hang a right there and you will come upon Forgetmenot pond.  It is quite pretty there and the area is quite photogenic.  There are some other longer trails there - we didn't have time to try any out the other day when were there - we were out driving late in the day and ended up here.

Here are a few pictures of the road in and the area:

The first two photos are the road past Elbow Falls on the way to Little Elbow Campground and Forgetmenot Pond.  The third photo is the river running behind the pond.

Above are more views of the pond.

Yes, we almost got caught in the hail storm that day.  The next one is near the pond.

I hope you enjoy these photos - It's a beautiful drive out there and there are plenty of trails.  Lots more info on the trails here: Elbow Valley Map

Monday, August 9, 2010

Bragg Creek Wine Store - Creekers Liquor

We were in Bragg Creek a week and a half ago and wandered into the Liquor/Wine Store there. I always like to look in different stores - always different selections.  The fellow in the store asked me if he could help with anything and we stared talking wine.  Turns out he purchases the wine for the store and is quite knowledgeable - and even better - his tastes apparently coincide with mine.  He turned me on to a couple of South African wines that I had never tried before - we like them so much we went back later in the week and got some more.  Got to chat some more with Percy about corks, screws tops and the benefits of both.  I recommend chatting with Percy if you go there - whether you are a novice or experienced wine drinker.