Prague Trip 2016

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Calgary Farmer's Market

calgary farmer's market
At Richardson Way SW and Richard Rd SW.  I'm exploring and cycled to the Calgary Farmer's Market on a recent sunny Sunday.  Great place to get your organic foods - meats, vegetables, fruit and a lot of the bakeries will let you have a small taste of their wares.  You can get lunch or a snack if you need a break while you are shopping. 

Someday organic foods will be cheaper than the alternative - I hope!

If you want something a little more, just across from the market is the Wild Rose Brewery. Sit outside and have lunch and a brew.  At the other end of that building is the wine store. 

Both buildings are on the former grounds of Currie Barracks - used to be the home of the Canadian Forces in Calgary - they kept their aircraft there.

More about the Calgary Famer's Market here.

Addendum(May 2011) - This market has closed down - see our entry on one of the new markets - MacLead Trail just south of Glenmore.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Coffee and coffee shops in Calgary

railway cafe coffee shop calgary
I'm not much for Tim Horton's coffee though I will have one from Starbucks in a pinch.  I prefer stronger coffees generally - I'll drink an espresso or a cappuccino normally.  If we have a day off and we are out and about, we like to visit one of the many good coffee houses in the Calgary area.  On our bike ride the other day we decided to stop at Heritage Village on the east end of the Glenmore Reservoir.  They didn't have any espresso so I opted for the regular coffee.  I was amazed how good it was.  It was strong enough but so that the strength of the coffee wasn't everything - with great flavor.  We asked what kind of coffee it was but weren't told... hrmpf!  It really was one of the best coffees that I've had in a coffee shop - would love to have it at home.  You can see more about the Railroad Cafe at

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Brave Rocco Mikayla

A few weeks ago we did a photoshoot in sub zero weather.  We had been trying to get together for a few weeks and had set up the time with some good locations but that day the temperature plummeted.  Calgary is like that - if you don't like the season - wait a few hours.

In and out of the car to many times to count in such cold weather and still to get such great shots:  She has professional written all over her.  And has made herself look relaxed even though incredibly cold.

Contact at: rockorman   @

Thanks for a great shoot.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Ray from CalTack

ray from caltack
I was working at the Royal Winter Fair in Brandon Manitoba last week.  Great show if you are ever in the area at the right time.  I met Ray there - he was working at his booth and staying at the same hotel as we were so I got to chat with him a bit.  He sells leather tack as you can see...You will be able to see the website soon at: CalTack: Custom Leather Tack Works - 

Ray really knows his leather and is keen, industrious and friendly - the kind of person that I like.  He lives in Calgary, so, if you need any supplies at all give him a call or go visit his store.  The store is a little south east of the Chinook Center at Bay #5 - 6923 Farrell Road SE, Calgary.